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No monthly costsThere are NO monthly costs and NO other payment requests for the syndicate period.
GREAT GIFT IDEA! We can either post the welcome pack to the purchaser, or directly to the recipient.


Racehorse Syndicate

  • Details: TWO-YEAR-OLD COLT
  • Pedigree: Mayson ex Marigot Bay
  • Syndicate end date: 01 AUGUST 2021
Buy a Share for £47 (inc. VAT)

Bridgetown is a powerful two-year old colt who was purchased at the recent Goffs Arqana Breeze Up Sale. He is out of a five-furlong two-year-old winner and he looks as though he should make an impact in juvenile (two-year-old) races later this year. Bridgetown is from a very quick family and he is by the up-and-coming stallion, Mayson. Mayson is an excellent source of speedy offspring and he sired the winner of this year's Group 1 July Cup, Oxted. As well as hopefully being a two-year-old runner, Bridgetown looks to possess the scope to improve as a three-year-old.

Bridgetown is in training with Julie Camacho in Malton, North Yorkshire. Julie is enjoying an excellent season and has already trained a Group 3 winner, in the shape of top-notch sprinter, Judicial.

Julie Camacho

"We liked Bridgetown at the sales and he will hopefully develop into an exciting prospect. I am a big fan of Mayson (his sire). Bridgetown, being strong and powerful, is typical of the sire." Julie Camacho

This syndicate term lasts until 1 August 2021, with no commitment to continue at the end of the syndicate period. Please click here for full details of the end of term process.

This syndicate is divided into 2,500 shares and each share costs £47 (including VAT). View price transparency.There will be nothing extra to pay, no matter what costs are incurred during the syndicate period. The syndicate is subject to the usual 'Owners Group' terms and conditions. The current maximum number of shares that can be purchased by one person is 10.

  • The share price is £47. The full price breakdown is:
  • The capital cost of Bridgetown including commission, transport and vetting, is £33,300, which works out as £13.32 per share.
  • The 5% capital risk is £0.67 per share.
  • Our management and service provision fee is set at £13.82 per share.
  • The all-inclusive racing/training cost is set at £10.80 per share.
  • The cost for mortality insurance is £0.36 per share.
  • The Racehorse Rehabilitation contribution is £0.20 per share.
  • The VAT is £7.83 per share.
  • There will be nothing extra to pay, no matter what costs are incurred during the syndicate period.

Bridgetown Pedigree

Buy a Share in Bridgetown for £47 (inc. VAT)
No monthly costsThere are NO monthly costs and there will be NO other requests for payment during the syndicate period.
GREAT GIFT IDEA! We can either post the welcome pack to the purchaser, or directly to the recipient.

What happens at the end of a syndicate term?

There really is no obligation at all after the initial one-off purchase!

All Owners Group horses have a set syndicate term, which usually lasts for approximately 12 months, although this can vary.

Towards the end of the term, owners will receive a report from the trainer and the Owners Group team, specifying the horse's prospects going forward and a recommendation on whether we believe the horse should continue into a further term, giving everyone the chance to renew for a further term.

The renewal price is very likely to be cheaper than the price paid to purchase the share(s) in the first instance, as owners will have already paid for their share of the capital of the horse. Therefore, the renewal price just includes the ongoing racing/training fees, management fees, insurance, VAT and the contribution towards the Owners Group Horse Retirement Fund.

Owners are not obliged to renew their share(s) if they don't wish to, it's completely their choice. Once the syndicate term ends, any relinquished share(s) will automatically be released for sale and if those share(s) sell elsewhere, owners will receive the relevant share capital value of the horse, credited to their Owners Group account.

If a low number of owners decide to renew their shares, the syndicate may be re-structured (see Terms and Conditions), or the horse may potentially be sold. If a horse is sold, the net sale price will be divided by the number of shares in the syndicate and all owners will receive their share of the net sale price to their Owners Group account. If the syndicate does not continue into an extended period, any renewal payment for that new period, will be refunded.

Racehorse welfare is our top priority. If a horse has a setback in training or is deemed not to be fit enough to race for any reason, then the horse will rest until fit and ready. Our business also runs a not-for-profit organisation called Xracehorse Club, dedicated to the re-homing of retired racehorses. We are extremely passionate about the welfare of all of our horses, and will always endeavour to ensure that any horse retired from Owners Group is given a loving home, when they retire from racing.

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