Stable Visits

Free organised stable visits to your horse's yard

Owners Group gives you an opportunity to visit the yards of some of the top trainers in the country. Subject to availability, you will be able to see your horse and some of the other stars from the stable, meet your trainer, and experience a day you will never forget.

Visits to racehorse trainers’ yards sometimes includes a parade of the trainer's best horses, as well as any Owners Group horses present on the day.

At a stable visit, you will have the opportunity to hear the latest updates on your horse from the trainer or his/her representative, and look around the yard. As long as you don't use the flash, you are able to take photographs, to ensure you remember the day.

We try to organise at least one visit to each of the stables during each syndicate period and we make no charge for Owners, although there is a small charge of approximately £10 for a guest (maximum one guest per owner).

Every stable is different and at each visit we aim to provide Owners with further insight into how the horses are prepared for the races, or of a horse’s individual quirks.

Stable visits are announced to owners via email and/or the monthly magazine, providing as much notice as possible.

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